Product Review: Dyson Car & Boat Vacuum

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Hi all! Coming at ya with another review! 

We knew we wanted a way to clean up the floors because I'm super weird about feeling crumbs under my feet. Yuck. Also, as many of you already know, keeping your tiny tidy is a must. Messes require immediacy in such a small space. We did have a broom that came in handy in our home. It was super quick and easy to keep the floors crumb-free. But... What about the loft? Sweeping up there was impossible. Maybe a hand broom? Ugh! It's worth it to get the dust bunnies and Oliver's fur, but the time it took wasn't exactly appealing. Especially considering how often it would need to be done. 

So, we started looking into vacuums. We considered a lightweight stand-up vacuum. Something with an attachment that we could also use upstairs. Bonus points if it could get into the nooks and crannies of our home! This was our ideal dream vacuum. 

And then Tim found the Dyson

Tiny House Living Dyson Car and boat vacuum best vacuum cordless

Designed for car and boat, this thing is tiny but packs some serious punch. It came with about a million different attachments to choose from, all of which I was convinced we needed. It's a hand-held unit powered by a trigger instead of a switch, allowing you to save time on the battery life.

Tiny House Living Dyson Car and boat vacuum best vacuum cordless storage

Emptying is easy as pie, just press the release and the bottom swings open to empty the chamber and easily swings back closed. It comes with a hose attachment that lets me get into virtually any nook or cranny that Oliver's fur floats into. Actually, the 10 different attachments that it came with let me vacuum any surface in my house. Don't come over on Sundays. You might catch me vacuuming the oven. 

Tiny House Living Dyson Car and boat vacuum best vacuum cordless optional heads storage

Overall, this thing is super high quality. Hasn't let us down yet. Some may say it's expensive, and as frugal as we are, I see that. But I also know that we will not be buying another for a very long time. We won't need to. This product will hold its value for a long time. Not to mention that we have gotten our money's and time worth out of it in just a few short months. I swear we bust it out 3 times a week. The joys of living tiny. In addition to all these things, it's still a vacuum meant for cars. So if you have a boyfriend who is also in a relationship with his truck (🙄) it does double duty to keep home and car spotless

Tiny House Living Dyson Car and boat vacuum best vacuum

My one and only complaint here is a soft protest at best. The battery life is a very fast 20 minutes. Granted, it doesn't take 20 minutes for us to vacuum our home with the Dyson. But say I vacuum everything I intended to and am feeling inspired enough to bust out the cloth attachment and tackle the couch. I get a couple minutes into it, and womp womp. The Dyson dies. It only takes an hour or so for it to fully charge, but now my momentum is broken and the couch waits until next time. First world problems, I know. 

We are extremely happy with this Dyson purchase. If you're wondering what to do about a vacuum, I would highly recommend skipping a few nights out to dinner to save up for this baby. It is worth every penny.  

Any tiny cleaning tips you've discovered? Help a girl out and drop your wisdom below!  



Tiny House Living Dyson Car and boat vacuum
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