First Week Living in a Tiny Home

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my thoughts on our first week in Tiffany. Here are a few of the major things I've taken away:

1. We actually have a lot more space than we thought we would. 

Tiny home storage headboard

Tim gave me 3 large drawers and designated 3 small ones for himself. I ended up using only 2, and his drawers are not packed full. We have storage in the headboard of our bed that we really didn't find a use for until the third day here. And it's not just the storage, we don't really find that we're stepping on each other's toes. There is plenty of room for all 3 of us to live comfortably in this home. Speaking of Oliver...

2. Our kitty does well in small spaces.

We were worried that Oliver wouldn't enjoy being in the home; he loves to run around and play by himself. Well, really it was Worry Wart Tm that wasn't sure he would do well. He kept saying, "I just want him to be happy" (kills me. so sweet). I knew he would enjoy the lofts, being that he is a tree cat. He enjoys seeing everything that's going on and seems to be adjusting nicely to life in Tiffany. We've been giving him lots of extra love, just so he knows it's okay here and we love him even if things are 1000 square feet different than before.

Olivers' new friend the washer/dryer 

Olivers' new friend the washer/dryer 


3. Thank GOD I made curtains.

Living in an RV park, we live in close quarters with our neighbors. Which is a positive thing, since we love being social and meeting new people. But....I also enjoy changing and using the shower and restroom with adequate privacy. And y'all, we have lots of windows for people to peep through (accidentally or not).  I'll post a separate blog post about the curtain making process ('twas a LONG one). I'll tell you, it was worth every second. They look alright, they were made with love, and they do the job of giving us privacy. 

4. Truly, everything must serve a purpose.

Nearly every space is designated storage for something, and every object that takes up space must be something that we use regularly. We've gotten very creative with the use of our storage. There's a lot more stacking and organization involved, since we need to be able to easily access and store everything we own. There are a lot of baskets, stacking, and dividers involved here. It simplifies things. Also, there isn't really room for "just in case" items. We kept only things we knew we used on the regular, and even still I find things we could do without. I haven't worn this shirt for a while, maybe my sister wants it. This cord doesn't get used, garage sale. We don't need 6 steak knives, donate. And so on.

Overall, it's truly been a dream come true. Outside our front door is lots of nature, it's quiet, the people who live here full time are warm and welcoming. We've slept like rocks and are constantly finding new things to love about our home, adding our personal touches and making it homier. It's cozy and already feels like home. Downsizing and moving into this space has been an incredible experience. I know how lame it sounds, but I still can't believe I get to live here.


If you're considering going tiny, we'd love to hear your thoughts! If you've already made the transition, we want to know how your experience compares! :)


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Tim enjoying the tiny house life :)

Tim enjoying the tiny house life :)

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