Farwell, Closet Space.

Hi friends! Sam here. Just wanted to share my take on downsizing my closet. 

Let's be real...  I love clothes. Dresses. Heels. Skinny jeans. Jewelery. Yoga pants....endless yoga pants. It's easy to be constantly adding to the collection.

Moving in to this tiny home presented me with a HUGE dilemma: closet space. Tim so graciously offered me all three drawers in the dresser of our sweet Tiffany. Before even looking at my closet, downsizing it gave me the sort of anxiety that causes sleepless nights. I loved my collection of boho chic treasures. 

What I actually found was that, while going through my closet, I was somewhat sickened by how many clothing items I owned that I hadn't touched in a solid year. Some for even longer.

Now, I can't deny that it looks and feels satisfying to have a full closet. There's definitely some security in having excess, not to mention the luxury of variety (it is the spice of life). But how many times in the last year did I wear this romper? Or this dress? These pants? Is it worth keeping them because there might be a chance I'll wear them in the distant future?

Minimalizing your work clothes in a tiny house

The biggest realization I've had in the last year is how very stressful it is to own these things. The more clothing I owned, the more I needed to keep track of, ensure that nobody steals it (mostly worried about my sister on this one), repair it when it wears or tears, find space for it in my closet, more to maintain, organize, update, use. The internal inventory of all the things I owned was overwhelming.  

Friends, trust me when I say that I know how uncomfortable it is to part with certain material things. (Looking at you, nude Chinese Laundry wedges.) But to be completely honest, when I look at the motivation behind owning these things, it's an easy decision. I hate wearing heels. I wear maybe 15 items from my closet and I wear them because I feel awesome in them. The rest is just excess. Being intentional about the items I choose to hold on to is so emotionally freeing. I want to keep things that bring me joy, and only those things. 

I encourage you to ask yourself why keeping or getting something is necessary. For me, it's not the item I want, but the feeling I think it will bring. This backless dress will make me feel free. These patterned pants will show everyone my fun side. These shoes will show everyone at the gym I'm serious about lifting. This 20th pair of black leggings that look exactly like my other ones will give me more daily options. Guys. I had to shake myself and recognize that I'm free to feel those things right now. HELLO! Note to self: you can feel free because you have time and money to treat yourself. Have a conversation if you want to show people your fun side. If you're serious about lifting, be serious. Shoes and opinions do not determine the seriousness of your pursuits.

If this isn't true for you and all one thousand items in your closet bring you real and genuine joy, by all means, keep them. But if you're looking for some simplicity, consider having less. It's definitely a process, and I'm still making my peace with parting with my treasured items. But the things I've already cut out I don't even miss. Truthfully, there hasn't been one day where I wished I had those nude wedges back. 



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