Year 2 Living Tiny

Well, we made it. 2 years in the tiny house. I wanted to give a quick update on us and all things Tiffany.  

Short version: we still love our house. 

Aggressively so, in fact. So much so that we are building a second tiny house on our island to share the love. (You don’t know about the island yet?? Click here!) We saw buying this land as an opportunity to let other people experience tiny living, if only for a weekend. Because this was such a huge part of our decision making process, we loved the idea of letting others do the same thing we did. Try before you buy!  


Tim is still Tim. He’s out here exploring, learning, marching to the beat of his own drum. All of his projects have centered around the island and developing the land in time for the build. His determination has been very impressive. He is constantly learning how to do things himself and overcoming obstacles. He’s always using some very loud tool that terrifies me. He’s always doing things (and usually involving me) that sound impossible. You should have seen my face when he said “This weekend we’re replacing the aircraft cables on the boat port!” 😳

Oliver still loves living tiny. Don’t let us fool you, this is his house.  


Year 2 brought just as much growth in myself as year 1. I started a business and continued honing my craft in personal training. I dropped a lot of the behaviors that were no longer serving me and picked up healthy new ones. I maintained my therapeutic relationship and had a LOT of revelations about why I am the way I am. And I’ve also overcome a lot of obstacles. I’m chasing down dreams and living the fullest life I can manage. As with last year, I truly feel that having less junk to worry about directs my focus inward and allows me to create a life I enjoy. I feel a clarity I was lacking for a long time.

Here are the biggest lessons I’ve learned in the last 2 years living tiny.

  1. Get rid of clothes you don’t wear. Even Tim and I find that we have clothes that don’t get used often or we really don’t enjoy them. We Marie Kondo’d our drawers and it was life. changing. It’s so much easier choosing an outfit from my favorites!

  2. You can cook SO MANY THINGS in an air fryer!! I love it so much. Thanks Cosori!

  3. Small actions make a big difference over time. Bringing a reusable bag to the grocery store or using washable storage to pack our lunches counts. We’ve drastically reduced our single-use plastic consumption and that feels awesome!

  4. Living with someone else can be hard no matter what size house you live in. TALK about your feelings. It makes things easier.

  5. You can learn almost anything on Youtube, including how to repair things in your own home when they break. Tim has become Mr. Fix it.


We’re excited for the future!

It’s exciting to us to be able to pursue this journey even farther with Shellmate Island. This lifestyle suits us perfectly and we are lucky to live it. Tim and I often talk about how easy it is to forget that our lifestyle is well outside the norm. It feels so familiar to us now. As Tim’s dad often says, everything new becomes old. While it is true that we’ve become very accustomed to living tiny and it isn’t new anymore, I still catch myself feeling awe at the life I’m taking part in. It just keeps getting better!


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