Tiny House Podcast #130 - Blue. Beautiful. Tiffany.

We are sooo excited to announce that Tiny House Blog has released the episode we were able to be a part of for the Tiny House Podcast! (Episode #130) It was our first time on a podcast like this and it was a blast! We were able to talk about our experience of living in a tiny home with a large hurricane coming towards us and being halfway across the country days before landfall. We touched on some of the bases from our past article called “Tiffany The Tiny Home vs Hurricane Irma” along with our story in general and who we are.

Everyone was really easy to talk to and it was really cool to be a part of. I drive a lot for work, about 40ish thousand miles a year! So for me, I am always looking for a new podcast since I need to have something on in between customers and not having any phone calls.

When we first moved into Tiffany I had the question “ I wonder if there are any podcast about tiny homes”? I initially started with the “Tiny House Podcast” and started subscribing. Fast forward a measly 9 months and here is our episode below! #weird #amivirtualrealityalready?

tiny house podcast tiny living pocketcast tiny home talk show episode #130

Back to my driving and podcast listening...Got any podcast I must listen to?! Comment below please!


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