Finding Tiny Home Insurance

Insurance is hard and confusing in general. Finding tiny home insurance felt like it was next to impossible. We knew it wasn't going to be easy to find but also saw some options out there. We figured we would tell our story since it’s a hot topic in our inbox!

Why would you want Tiny Home Insurance? 

Just like a normal home, you never know what's going to happen. The hurricane came and saw lots of homes damaged. Someone broke into your home and took all your stuff, now what? Or even worse, someone takes your home. 

Its good to have a bit of safety for our beautiful home.


Exploring Our Options

Being NOAH certified, we tried through Foremost as they advertise they insure NOAH homes. After requesting a quote, we found out they don't cover tiny homes 10 miles from the coast. #bummer

Who lives that far from the beach in Florida?!

Next we heard that Progressive insured tiny homes but they actually got out of that game. Found that out by calling their office. 

We tried Insuremytinyhome. After following up three times with no response we figured they weren't a reliable company based on their customer service IF something did go wrong. 


Who did we choose

We ended up going with Martin Burlingame Insurance Agency for two years now. Our policy covers a bunch of things! πŸ‘‡

  • Personal Property (How much stuff you have in your home)

  • Replacement coverage

  • Personal Liability (Huge for us when people tour our home)

  • Medical payments to others (If something happens they will help pay for others medical bills)

  • Theft Coverage for contents (Robbery)

  • Trip Endorsement (If a third party is towing our home and they don’t carry enough insurance for the load of your home)

  • THEFT OF TINY HOME!!! (This is a huge deal with two tiny homes stolen recently)

With our insurance policy we received a GPS unit for the house that will be helpful if it is stolen. This is a nice easy of mind, we had a hard time hooking it up unfortunately, but it works and hopefully we never have to use it. We can track the home on our phones if it moves or is taken.

Gps Unit For Tracking The Tiny House 

Gps Unit For Tracking The Tiny House 

Our fee for this insurance is about $1,100 for the 2019 and they have a monthly payment plan. This year our yearly rate actually decreased, when does that ever happen?! #winning

Over all I am happy with our decision to have insurance for our tiny house and what we went with. Do I wish it covered flooding and high winds? Yeah, specially after our in counter with Irma. But at the end of the day alot of are needs are met with what we have. Also compared to what is out there for tiny house insurances. 

If you have any questions make sure you head to Martin Burlingame Insurance Agency or DM us on our social media accounts below!

-Tim & Sam

We wanted to add our real policy for you to read over. For us it was really our first time seeing any kind of home insurance policy and thought it might be helpful for people that were in the same boat we were in!

Click here to see it!  


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