Product Review: Neater Feeder Pet Bowls

In a tiny home, cleanliness is next to godliness. Because we live in such small quarters, messes feel somehow.....messier. There isn't anywhere to look except for at the mess. We do our best to keep things neat and tidy. Our fur son, however, does not. He's still a kitten, so he LOVES to play, and this sometimes means extra clean up for mom and dad. We don't mind in the least, and in such a small space we try to celebrate him exploring and making himself at home. That's why this feeder is the BEST thing.

Neater Feeder for pets bowls Tiny Living Space RV

The placement of Oliver's bowl was a cause for concern. We knew he liked to play with his food, as we were constantly sweeping it up in the big house. We settled on a spot for his food and water and set about finding ways to keep our kitty's tiny spot tidy. The spot we chose was on top of a wooden butcher block counter top, so I wanted to make sure there wasn't permanent damage to the wood due to Oliver's creative eating. Conditioning only goes so far. We started looking into mats or bowls with catches for food. That's how we came across the Neater Feeder. 

Neater Feeder for pets Tiny Living Space

This thing is a beast. It has high backing so he can nudge his food around without spilling it. The front is extended with a catcher for when he spills more than he eats (all the time). The front portion is perforated so that any spilled water or food is caught. He likes to put his paws in his food and water, and this thing has made it easy to pick up after him. The double stand holds the bowls on top, and a reservoir on the bottom for spills. It is easy to clean, portable, and does exactly what we need it to do. Needless to say, we're happy with this one :)

Watch out for our post about keeping our clothes Oliver-hair free and the products we love for grooming him! What tips do you have for picking up after your pets? Comment below!  




-Oliver 🐱 

Neater Feeder for pets bowls Tiny Living Space RV no spill

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