First Month in A Tiny Home

We're about a little over a month into living tiny and coming from an average home lifestyle of an 8-6 work week. What are our thoughts? Well, where do we start?

To wrap it up in one word it would be phe-nom-en-al!

One of the more common questions we get is "How is it living with so much less space?" Well actually, space is not as big of a deal as we thought it was going to be! 

Once we cut back the majority of the items we owned and got rid of the "what if" items, space wasn't an issue. Everything has its home. We know where everything is, and just like it says in our "first-week" blog post, we have more space than we anticipated. 

Tiny home barreled ceiling

I was talking to my brother and thankfully he was cleaning out his clothes while on the phone with me. He mentioned, " Dude, I have so many dress socks." He's a very creative wedding photographer in Boston. I asked him, how often to do you wear dress socks? He said once or twice a week at photo shoots. So, bare minimum, he needs a pair a week. He ended up keeping five so he for sure had one every week and a backup pair in case his feet smell like a wet Chewbacca after a shoot. His socks now take up 1/3 of his drawer and he has what he absolutely needs for work socks. Nothing more and nothing less. Now apply that mindset to a whole 270 sq ft home. Space isn't an issue if you can overcome the extremeness of "what if".

Tiny home living

We never are really getting in each other's way. We find ourselves not watching TV because like any new home there's little changes you have to make here and there and we do live on a campground so it's easier to get outside more! We are able to do more with our spare time rather than have to worry about cleaning or doing yard work. 

How's living in a Campground/RV park? 

Amazing! We are so glad we picked where we did. The people are so welcoming, friendly and down to earth good people. If we need help, they are there. If we want to hang out and just socialize, there is someone always willing to go to to the pool. We are truly blessed to have found this place. 

Sam has grown up traveling to different RV parks with her Grandparents and will be writing a future blog post on her experience in our new community and comparing it to her past experiences! We for sure picked a hidden gem, to say the least. 

What happens when you guys fight? 

We talk it out. Like any couple should. Haha.  It actually makes confrontations much easier since we can't let it sit and cook. We talk it out since we are technically in the same "room". We figure out what's going on and we work through it. It's tough sometimes, it's not all sunshine and rainbows, but we have grown together. 

What happens when someone takes a big poop?  

Febreeze.. 😂  I don't know about other tiny homes but we don't have this problem. There's an exhaust fan in there and I think that does the trick. But remember girls don't poop so really it's always blamed on Tim. 

For some reason another common question we get is "What do you do for a living?". Which is a weird question in itself if you think about it. We have a normal job just like everyone else. Not all tiny home people live and work on a farm like a lot of people think for some reason? Any lifestyle can fit tiny living and smaller living, even yours

We for sure made the right decision for short term and long term goals. Like I said before, this can fit any lifestyle, even yours

Tiny couch in tiny house

-Tim & Sam

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