Pets in A New Tiny Space

So by now, you should have seen our buddy Oliver, if not your loss obviously. Having our buddy in our tiny home was a big stress for me. I am what you consider a "cat man". Yes, I do love dogs but cats are much more independent and it works with my lifestyle. Something I like about cats is that they are still slightly more primal than dogs. Slightly less domesticated.

Oliver tagged along when we rented a Tiny Home, make sure you check out our post on "Trying It Tiny Before We Buy A Tiny", and adjusted so-so. My biggest worry was Oliver not having enough space to run and play. He is already a scaredy cat and gets stressed out from the slightest noise, even if I am the one making the noise. Haha. I knew people would be in and out of the home over the weekend because, well, how could you not ask a question about Tiffany! He would be hiding 100% of the time

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Pets in a tiny Home

Before we moved in my mom suggested we get some "cat pheromones" to help Oliver's transition. She said it makes cats calmer and more relaxed in stressful situations. So I decided to give this snake oil magic a try...

I ordered this diffuser on Amazon of course. It was almost half the price than going to Petco or Petsmart for the exact same product. Got the plugin within two days and its said works on 90% of cats, I thought yeah right. While we were moving in I plugged it in and let it run.

I can say I am a believer in the Comfort Zone Feline Diffuser. Oliver was scared at first but then over the next couple of hours I could tell that there was a drastic difference from his behavior compared to the when we stayed at the Siesta Beach Tiny Home let alone people coming in and out of the home to drool over the inside. By the next day, he was his usual playful self still trying to bite my ankles and play in the morning. 

Pets in a tiny Home

It has been unplugged now since I can tell Oliver is comfortable after a couple days. He loves Tiffany. He loves looking out the huge windows and watching the Florida lizards. There is so much to climb, he loves hopping on top of the bookshelf and napping on the beam that supports our fan! Our buddy also has officially claimed his spot at the top of the master loft near the foot of the bed in order to look over Tiffany and for any critters trying to come inside!

Got any tips on living with pets in a tiny space? Let us know in the comment section below!


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