Tiny House Washer/dryer Combo Review

Hello Team Tiny!

We get asked about laundry a lot. To be completely honest, this was a concern for me when we were looking into going tiny. I have lived the laundromat life before, and sometimes I ended up buying new clothes instead of paying to wash the ones I had. The cost worked out to be roughly the same. Laundromats are expensive!

Our Edgestar washer/dryer combo (model number CWD1510w) has been a luxury in our home. We love this thing. Washer and dryer built into one tiny, compact beauty of a machine. I could not wait to get my hands on this thing and see how it worked. 

 So, how does it work? Let me tell you, it's amazing. I truly can't complain that I don't have to leave my home to wash one of the 12 outfits that I own. 

As much as I love our washer, I know there are a couple of things that qualify as "cons" in someone else's book: 

1) Smaller loads.  

Because the machine is small, we can only do a small amount at a time. This means more frequent washing, but hey, that's fine with us. We do about 3 loads per week. The machine also has no agitator, so smaller loads ensure that our clothes get really clean.

Washer Drier Combo unit tiny house laundry review

2) Dry time.  

For a load washed in the "normal" setting, we can build in the dry time. This means that as soon as the clothes are washed, the machine switches to dryer mode automatically. These loads take 3 hours to complete. I know this sounds like a long time, but typically I set it and forget it. Three hours is going to pass anyways, and my clothes are clean!

3)   Steam drying. 

  Because this machine is dual-duty, it uses steam to dry our clothes. This means that clothes can sometimes come out still somewhat damp, but dry quickly within minutes or with a good shake. The steam also means that once our clothes are dry, they will hold any wrinkles they may get while waiting to be folded. So, once that dry cycle is done, we have to be quick to fold them to ensure wrinkle-free clothes. 

Washer Drier Combo unit tiny house laundry review wash cycles

It's a front loading machine, with settings for normal, heavy duty, delicates, temperature controlled, and cotton. You name it, this thing does it. Dry time varies depending on the size of the load. This thing does exactly what we need it to do in our home, we really could not ask for more. Overall, I have to say I really love my washer/dryer.


Washer Drier Combo unit tiny house laundry review wash cycles edgestar

Do you have any tips for keeping things tidy in your Tiny Home? How do you like your washer/dryer? Comment below!



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