Tiny Products used in Tiny Homes

Ever wonder what you'd use in a tiny kitchen to cook? What do kind of vacuum do you use in a tiny home? How do you get internet in a tiny smart home?  How do you even make a tiny home "smart"? 

While we were getting ready for tiny living we were getting rid of A LOT of our belongings. We really had to be conscious of what new items we brought into Tiffany. 

Ideally, everyday home items need to have multiple purposes and be overall smaller. It sounds hard to find items like that, but honestly, it's actually pretty simple if you take a minute. Just ask yourself before you buy something, "Can this item take place of two other items I have in my home?" or "Is this item necessary in my life?"

So of course we found so many new gadgets, what we call tiny productson our journey and thought it would be fun to share them! An interesting part about all these products that not only are they functional in tiny living, but they are just as functional in normal homes. They may even help minimalize the things inside the space you call home!

So please stay tuned as we will be sharing some interesting tiny products in our life! 

Have any tiny products you think are worth sharing? Comment in the section below!


Tiny home small Tiffany style pendant lighting product






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